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  Etude House February Pink Bird Box ♥ (photo-heavy)
Hello everyone!!
One month has passed again and I'm back with another Pink Bird Box review from Etude House. This month's box is filled with products from their Wonder Fun Park Spring Collection which was released a while back. This collection focusses on the cheerful atmosphere at a fun park which you can achieve with these products. They all seem to follow a mint/purple theme.
You can already find all products from this collection for 20% off on their website etudehouse.com!

This review/unboxing is going to be super long because I will review each item seperately and add some swatches as well~~ Keep reading if you're interested!

This month they sent me 5 products from their Wonder Fun Park collection.

Etude House Pink Bird Box February
- Wonder Fun Park Candy Highlighter
- Wonder Fun Park Highlighter Brush
- Wonder Fun Park Dear Darling Soda Tint in #PK001 & #BL601
- Wonder Fun Park Lash Perm Curl-Fix Mascara in #Swing Mint

First off, I want to say something about their customer service and reply time. They sent this packet with EMS speed shipping but mine took way longer than a week to arrive so I emailed them about that and they gave me the tracking number. I checked it and the updates said that my address was written incorrectly by Etude House (moreover my name smh). I emailed Etude House about it but didn't get a reply - which is funny because they told me to email them if I have any problems receiving the packet (but then they would never get back to me). I emailed them again after a week but still - no reply. After almost two weeks of waiting for their reply I came to the conclusion that they will never reply to me so I took the initiative and called the post office to ask if there's a way for me to get the packet. Fortunately, the lady was very kind and said she'll send a courier who'll deliver the packet to me the next day. I was very relieved about that and received the Pink Bird Box now (obviously) but I'm absolutely not happy with Etude House. If I was a customer and such thing happened with things I paid for, I would be very upset about this. Even if they can't do anything about it or wanted me to take care of it myself, it would have been nice to at least get a reply to my emails and let me know about it in a timely manner. I'm not the only one experiencing such things too.

TL;DR: I had problems receiving my packet because they wrote my address(name) incorrectly. I tried to reach out to them but Etude House didn't reply to my emails for two weeks. I got the packet by myself but I'm still very upset about this.

And now that I have finally received my Pink Bird Box the little pouch with the liptints in it was ripped. The liptints just slipped around the box. I'm happy they didn't break though.

The small sheets with information about the products were just thrown into the box too. Last time they put them into a cute Etude House folder. I hope the next Pink Bird Box won't be like this one. I feel like Etude House did such a sloppy job for this month's box... I feel truly neglected and unimportant :(

Let's get into the real review now

The liptints from their Wonder Fun Park collection are very interesting imo because some of them are color changing! They sent me two of the Dear Darling Soda Tints. I got the shades #PK001 and #BL601. Both of them are cool tone.


One thing I noticed when opening the Pink Bird Box is that the formula of the Dear Darling Soda Tints seems to have seperated/cracked. It's no big deal because you can give it a good shake and everything is OK but here's what I'm talking about:

Here are some photos of the liptint applicator. There's a small indention in the middle. The applicators pick up a generous amount of product and it's easy to follow your lip shape with it.

Here are some swatches of both Soda Tints (#PK001 & #BL601)

PK001 톡톡자몽소다: Is a cool toned grapefruit colored liptint. It's more on the red side and brightens up your skintone immediately. It's a really nice color for point makeup. You can do a gradient or full lip look with this tint.

BL601 짜릿밀키소다: This tint is color changing! It looks blue in the bottle but once applied onto your lips it turns into a light pink/purplish color. There are tiny pink microglitters in it which sparkle so beautifully! It's very, very hard to capture the sparkles but this tint reminds me a little bit of the Givenchy lip gloss. This one is definitely better for a full lip look because the color is very light and sheer. I tried to capture the pink microglitters below:

The blue liptint (BL601) doesn't really stain your lips but the red one (PK001) stains your lips a lot after wearing it for a couple of hours on your lips. I only let those tints sit on my arm for about 10 minutes so the stain is not really that intense ;-; but my lips were super pink at the end of the day when I used the PK001 one!

Lip swatches

These tints have a typical lipgloss texture and the consistency is a little thick. It's very hard to get an even layer because of the consistency. They do settle/ highlight dry lips which makes it even harder to make the color look even. I also really dislike the scent of them, it makes me feel sick. They smell like berries according to my mom but I think it smells like a stuffy car that hasn't been ventilated for a couple of weeks.

I personally like the (PK001) grapefruit color because it brightens up my complexion so much! I think the blue one (BL601) with the pink microglitters is very unique and would look really nice on top of a lipstick to give your lips some extra pop.

Next is the Candy Highlighter & Brush

 Here are some photos of the packaging

I just wanted to say that the packaging of this highlighter is so adorable *-*

Rainbow highlighters were such a big trend a few months ago. You could see them all over instagram and on youtube haha. Etude House finally decided to make one too but they called it Candy Highlighter. It has blue, red, purple, green and yellow parts and becomes white if you mix all of them together.

They also sent me the Highlighter Brush from the same collection which looks very similar to the unicorn brushes but without the fancy handle haha. There was a small protection ring for the bristles.

The brush is super fluffy but it's useless for using it as highlighter brush because the bristles are way too soft and not dense enough. I tried to use it with this highlighter and all it did was swirl some highlighter in the air and create a huge mess. I think this one could be used as powder brush but you're better off using your fingers for this highlighter. That's why I don't recommend this highlighter brush.

Swatches of the Candy Highlighter

The highlighter color swatches look very powdery and not glowy at all on the swatches but in real life they have a very subtle glow which looks very, very natural. I really like using this highlighter for my nose and cupids bow, I think it's perfect for that purpose because it just looks so natural! However, I don't recommend using it for your cheekbones or forehead because you won't see a difference on these spots.

Here's a photo where I mixed all of them together. These photos don't do this highlighter justice because it just looks like white powder on the photos haha but there's a very subtle glow in real life... it's kinda like 25% strength of usual highlighters.

I have to say that I probably like the highlighter out of all products the most because it's so so nice for my nose haha.

Wonder Fun Park Lash Perm Curl-Fix Mascara

Coloured mascaras seem to be a trend this spring. This mascara is available in two shades: Pang Pang Purple and Swing Mint. I got Swing Mint. It goes pretty well with their Wonder Fun Park concept.
The packaging is candy coloured and follows their purple/ mint theme ;-; I'm a little sad that I got the shade #Swing Mint beause I would have prefered the purple one. You can find expiration date on the packaging.

The back with the product description

This mascara is suppose to curl and fix your lashes and is also smudgeproof. The mascara wand is C-shaped and adjusts to your lashes pretty well.

The color is so unique and very eye-catching. I never really tried any kind of colored mascaras so I can't compare but the formula is very thick and clumps easily. It's very hard to make your lashes mint without clumping up your lashes to the max. It seems like I'm having a thick layer of acrylic paint on my lashes or some kind of glue. I'm honestly not to keen on it.

I didn't have any problems removing this mascara unlike other Pink Bird members. I used an oil based makeup remover to remove it though.

Swatches on my eyes

This eye makeup look is suppose to be dragon fruit inspired haha. I noticed how hard it is to make a makeup look with mint mascara ;-; I hope this one doesn't look too random. I feel like coloured mascaras look better if you only apply a little on your outer lashes since this will make them "pop" a little when you blink but I applied them on my full upper lashes for review purpose (I know I barely have any lashes).

The Wonder Fun Park Collection has some very cute packagings and I love how cute and detailed they are. I feel like the product quality of this collection is not that good though. I'm also a little disappointed of the Pink Bird Box for this month. I wish they had included an eyeshadow palette and this box felt like it has been put together in a rush. I hope the next box will be better! ^-^


Selfie time haha you can't really see that I'm wearing green mascara on those photos (unless you zoom in). I'm wearing the Soda Tint in PK001 and I also used the Candy Highlighter. My base makeup is the Precious Mineral BB Cream Moist in beige from the last Pink Bird Box~

So that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed reading this looong post. If you missed the post for the January Pink Bird Box, please click here. I hope you will have a lovely day! ♥

Thanks for reading my review!
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  MAC Eyeshadow Review ♥ (#Expensive Pink)
Hello everyone~~!
Today, I will review an eyeshadow from MAC in shade #Expensive Pink!
This is my first MAC eyeshadow ever and you probably already saw this eyeshadow in my haul post~ I only bought it because I felt like spoiling myself and I always wanted to have a MAC eyeshadow haha.

I wasn't sure wether to get expensive pink, soft brown or soba but I decided to go for this because it reminded me a little of the NARS Orgasm Blush and I still wasn't sure if I should invest that much money in a basic matte brown eyeshadow (maybe next time !!).

MAC Eyeshadow in Expensive Pink
- A highly pigmented powder that applies evenly and blends well.

Price: 19€ (16$ in the US)
Ingredients: Talc, Zinc Stearate, Octyldodecyl Stearoyl Stearate, Isostearyl Neopentanoate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Caprylyl Glycol, Hexylene Glycol,Phenoxyethanol, Silica, Mica,Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Bismuth Oxychloride, Carmine, Chromium Hydroxide Green,Chromium Oxide Greens, Ferric Ferrocyanide, Manganese Violet, Red 40 Al Lake, Ultramarines, Yellow 5 Al Lake, Blue 1 Lake
1.3 g / 0.04 US oz
Available in 120 shades!


MAC Expensive Pink (Veluxe Pearl)

The eyeshadow pot looks pretty sturdy and easy to carry around because it's really small. Like mentioned above, the shade expensive pink has this really nice golden shimmer? which reminds me of the well known 'Orgasm' Blusher from Nars ^-^ ♥ I think this colour looks soo pretty and would be perfect for spring or even for a daily and glamorous makeup look ~

Here are some swatches (no primer)

To be honest, the colour doesn't look pink at all, it's more of a peachy-gold color and you can make it look more vibrant by applying several layers and using a primer so it's quite buildable (I didn't use a primer on the swatches)

MAC Expensive Pink on my eyes (no primer)

It was extremely hard to catch the real eyeshadow color on my eyes but this is the closest I could get to >.< It looks a little more peachy gold in person and the small gold shimmer particles are more obvious too~!

One thing I noticed is that it starts to crease into my fine wrinkles after 2 hours (no primer). It's not that obvious after 2 hours but if you look reaaally closely you will be able to see that it has creased >.< I'm super disappointed because it was an expensive eyeshadow and I think that I can expect it to stay on my lids for at least 3 to 4 hours with no primer! There are many cheap eyeshadows that stay longer on my lids than this one! I'm not sure if its the same with the other eyeshadows from MAC. However, it does stay on my lids almost all day if I use a primer but it seems to faint into a really sheer gold shade at the end of the day.

The pigmentation is really, REALLY good and I love how this colour looks on my eyes! It looks really fresh and exotic haha.

    What I like about it
- pigmentation
- gold shimmers ♥
- buildable colour
- easy to blend
- huge variety of shades (120 shades!)
- small packaging (easy to carry around)

What I don't like about it
- creases if you don't use an eyeshadow primer
- expensive
- not a lot of product (1.3g for 19€)

Overall Rating:
I like MAC eyeshadows so far and would repurchase a few more in another colour (soft brown, soba, honeylust *-*). The pigmentation is great, I love the huge variety of colours they have and I think they're great for beginners!

However, If you don't have a lot of money and would need to save up to get it.... just go with a another brand.. To be honest, There are many eyeshadows for a more affordable price and you really don't need to pay like 10$ more for an eyeshadows that is a littleeee bit better than cheap ones (just my two cents). Go for these if you have enough money, want to get a colour thats hard to find or want to spoil yourself with more expensive makeup~~!

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Thanks for reading my review ♥
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  Etude House: January Pink Bird Box ♥
Hellooo everyone!

So how have you all been doing? It's been a while since my last post and I want to apologize for not posting regulary but today I want to share some great news with you!

I'm officially a Pink Bird member from Etude House! YES *screams*

I always wanted to be one and I feel so honoured and excited about it ahhh I can't believe it and I still feel so overly lucky haha. It has been one of my biggest blogger dreams for years!
From now on, I will receive a Pink Bird Box filled with the newest makeup collections from Etude House every month. This sponsorship will last for the next 6 months which means that I'll be able to review 6 boxes in total ♥

Today I will show you the Pink Bird Box they sent me for this month (january)!
This post is going to be very, very, very photo-heavy so sit down and relax

Everything was packed into this cute lilac Etude House box, there's this little Etude House card with some information about the products inside. It looks so cute, I'm probably gonna keep this for some of my own notes (I'm so in love with the card design! )

This is everything they sent me:

They honestly sent me so much and even some cute accessories they didn't mention before! I asked them to help me pick a BB cream based on my MAC shade and they did such a great job, I'm very happy about the shades they picked for me (both for the eyeshadows and the BB cream)!

Here's a complete product list first:
Sparkling Milky Way Eyeshadow in RD304 & BR428
Life is Sweet hand towel
♡ Life is Sweet hand mirror

Here are the extra accessories they put in the box ♥

The hand mirror and the small hand towel are so adorable and they're from ETUDE HOUSE ahhh ♥ I'm not sure if you can get them somewhere online because I couldn't find them on their website

Here are the makeup items in this box:

I'm very, very happy about the things they sent me! I'll post some swatches of every products below (that's why this post is going to be so long and photo-heavy)

First, I'll start with the Any Cushion Color Corrector

You can get this color correcting cusion in 4 different shades: pink, mint, lavender and illuminate. I got the Any Cushion Color Corrector in the shade #pink!It's suppose to correct dark spots and under eye circles which is definitely one of my biggest concerns :c

The packaging is very simple but cute in my opinion. I love the cute design! You don't have to push a button to open the cushion but just need to pull it open. I'm honestly not a big fan of this new feature because I feel like its easier to drop this cushion while trying to open it that way~

Theres also some sun protection in this cushion (SPF34 PA++) so you don't have to wear sunscreen underneath but I still recommend to put on some sunscreen anyway~

This is what the Any Cushion looks like opened. There's a small mirror on the lid and you'll get a little sponge pad, this makes it very, very travel-friendly and easy to carry around~ click on the photo if you want to zoom and read the description

These little notes basically tell you to throw away that sticker after opening it for the first time and to close the lid tightly after every use so your cushion won't dry out.

The sponge is blue from the other side and absorbs the base quite well. You can spread out the base more evenly with it and pad it into your skin~

The pores of this cushion sponge look like a moon landscape haha but they are very soft and it's easy to pick up product. You have to be careful at the beginning to not get too much of it~

Here are some swatches:

The black line is suppose to represent dark spots and the red line is suppose to represent rednesses.
As you can see, the coverage doesn't seem to be too good and I'd say that it's very, very light coverage! The brightening effect on my face is incredible though. I don't know if this color corrector is just not suited for my skin shade but it seems to lighten up my face instantly and I look very pale (too pale for my taste..for reference - I'm a NC20/25). However, because of it's brightening effect it's very good for hiding my dark circles! Keep in mind that it doesn't cover dark spots though. I think this cushion can be worn alone on a lazy makeup day, just be careful not to go overboard and put on too much of it, otherwise it would be very obvious that you're wearing some kind of color correction makeup on your face!

If you're going to put BB cream on top it's better to only use this cushion on your under eye area or spots that need some brightening or highlight because it accentuates dry patches and tends to look very cakey if you're layering some BB cream on top! (My brother told me I look like a caked up geisha when I did lmao).

Here are some other reviews of the other Pink Bird Member
 Lavender from Melissa
Lavender from Kirsty
Mint from Sophie
Pink from Marie
Pink from Yennie

You're suppose to use this BB Cream as second step after the Any Cushion Color Corrector but as I said above, it tends to look a little cakey if you layer up too much of both, so be careful! ^^;;;~

You can get this BB cream in : vanilla, petal, beige, sand and tan! I asked Etude House to help me pick a shade and they send me the beige one

The tube contains 45g and is very, very slim! I'm constantly scared of it dropping down lol. The color of the packaging is seriously super cute! If you want to read the details on the packaging, click on this photo on zoom~! Sorry for the lighting of these photos, they turned out a little blue :-(

 Here are some swatches of the Precious Mineral BB Cream:

The consistency is a little thicker than other BB creams imo but it doesn't feel heavy on your skin. The coverage isn't too good but it's just like with any other BB cream. It will cover some very light hyperpigmentations and even out your skin tone but nothing too dramatic, imo. The BB Cream itself is very brightening! It also contains some sun protection (SPF50+ PA++) so you technically don't need to wear sunscreen but just like with the any cushion I'd still like to recommend to wear some sunscreen underneath.
You can't see it well on my swatches but if you use them both together, your complexion is more bright and you look less tired. Eventhough it's the moist version it does highlight dry patches and can tend to look cakey if you go overboard and apply a second or third layer! I usually don't have any problems with dry skin but it did look patchy and like the BB Cream dried into my dry skin patches on my cheeks because of the cold weather these days.

The Any Cushion and the Precious Mineral BB Cream smell flowery and quite pleasant. I honestly don't think the finish is dewy, like you would expect from the 'moist' part in it but it's more on the satin/matte side and look quite natural if you blend it in well.

The next products are going to be the Sparkling Milkyway eyeshadows in RD304 & BR428

 The shades from this line are so cute and I honestly love how they made an eyeshadow color for every zodiac sign *-*! They also have a jewel eyeshadow line from these eyeshadows and I honestly think they're even cuter because they're super glittery ♥

The packaging is so cute and I love the colors they picked for me! They even asked me what my birthday is before they sent off the box and gave me the matching eyeshadow! *^*

 RD304 순정파  요조숙녀: This shade looks like a dark raspberry shade in the pan but once you apply it on your eyes it looks super sheer and super glittery and more like strawberry pink shade. The glitter particles are all in different sizes, there are small and chunky ones but super pretty indoors because the glittery particles reflect the light and sparkle so prettily! *-* I think this shade is suited for every season and can look good all over the eye or as accent point! So far, I didn't notice any heavy fallouts if you use a primer.

BR428 사랑은 짠내나 게: This shade is a basic golden/bronze shade. It's very versatile and can be used in many makeup looks. It doesn't crease and stays on your lid for quite some time if you use a primer! It didn't start to crease on my eyes for the whole day but the color seemed to have faded. It does sparkle a little in indoor lighting because it contains some small shimmer particles. This shade is easy to blend and can be used all over your lid imo too (I'm using it like that hehe).

I tried to make an eye makeup look with just those two eyeshadows but it was so hard because none of them are dark enough to create some depth or make something fancy T_T but here it is:

 I tried XD~ I put the brown eyeshadow all over my lid and the pink one on the outer v to give it
some color haha. It looks like I'm not wearing any eyeshadow at all xD

You can also see some eyeshadow swatches from other Pink Bird members below
Melissa -  BK804 & OR206 (click here)
Sophie - BL606 & BR416 (click here)
Kirsty - OR206 & BK804 (click here)
Marie - PP513 & BR415 (click here)
Yennie - PP512 & RD304 (click here)

And congratulations you made it through the whole post! 
I'm very happy happy if you read through all of it and had that much patience with me! Please leave a comment below and follow me on blogger and instagram, thank you! ♥

Thank you so much for letting me try out your newest makeup products! I appreciate all of it and feel so unbelievable honoured to be able to try them!

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