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  Select Fairy Street Brown 1 Day Review ♥
Hello everyone!
Today I will review the Select Fairy Street Brown lenses which were sent to me by pinkicon.com!
I already received them 3 months ago but forgot to post a review, I'm so sorry!

Pinkicon is an online shop for circle lenses. They have a huge variety of circle lenses (O-Lens, Fairy, PienAge, Victoria,...etc) and they offer free shipping on all orders! I highly recommend their website if you want to buy lenses that kidols use because their prices are quite reasonable and they also carry the brand "O-Lens" whose lenses are used by many kidols~

They sadly didn't notify me or give me a tracking number when they sent out the lenses so I can't tell you how many days it took them to arrive (It was kind of like a surprise packet). However, everything arrived safely and in a alot of bubble wrap.

Here are some snaps of the circle lens packaging. Since they're one day lenses, you won't need any lens cases (which is super convenient!). You don't need to let them soak in lens solution prior use!! Just open the pack and put them onto your eyes and you're good to go~!

 Here's everything that was inside + introduction/manual
You will get 10 pieces which means that this pack will last for 5 days in total!

Here's what the lenses look like close-up. The pattern is super natural and blends in well with my dark brown eyes.

You can see how well they blend in with dark brown eyes on my finger. They're not very opaque and the limbal ring looks super natural and not too harsh.

Here are some swatches: Select Fairy Street Brown~worn:


Natural lighting

without / with

Comfort ♥♥♥♥♥/
These lenses were sooo comfortable! I couldn't feel them in my eyes anymore and there was no donut effect/halo effect yes! I can say that these were the most comfortable lenses I have ever tried, no doubt!

Enlargement ♥♥/
The enlargement is super small, almost none existent. I honestly like it that way better because my eyes are already super huge but some people want to have bigger eyes, so I'd say pass on them if you want huge dolly looking eyes.

Color ♥♥♥♥/
I like the color and loove how natural they look! They honestly remind me of the GEO Grang Grang brown lenses in smaller, more comfortable and one-day lens form lol. I just wished the color was a little bit more warm, honey-ish, they're a little too yellow for my taste.

You can get these lenses on pinkicon.com for 20.00$ here!

Thanks for reading my review! ♥
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  Kailijumei Flower Lipstick (Summer Simplicity) ♥
Hello everyone!!

I'm back with another review of the Kailijumei Flower Lipstick which was sent to me by amabie.com! I always wanted to have one of these flower lipsticks. I saw them everywhere on Instagram but I guess I'm quite late with this trend now haha

Anyway, keep reading if you're interested!

 They sent me two extra sheet masks to the lipstick (which is so kind of them omg T_T!)

The Kailijumei flower lipstick came in this see through plastic packaging! It looks different from the other Kailijumei lipsticks I saw online but I guess this is something like the summer version? I actually don't mind because I think it looks so pretty too!

 Short description and ingredient list

Here's the exciting part!! The design of the lipstick looks so simple yet elegant and expensive! There's a cursive "Kailijumei" on the side of the lipstic. I'm so in love with the packaging as well >.<

 I got #01 which is red

 Another shot of the oh so pretty Kailijumei flower lipstick! I'm so in love with the flower in it and I also love how this version has a slight pink hue in it and is not clear like the original version!

Here are some swatches of the lipstick
 The lipstick is clear at first but turns into a really pretty pink/fuchsia color after a few seconds. I also noticed that this lipstick will stain your lips. I didn't really expected it to stain because of the sheer pink color of the lipstick itself and was so surprised! I like it though because you will still have some color on your lips after your lipstick has worn off.

I tried out the lipstick while I had really dry and chapped lips and the lipstick glided on super smoothly and felt so soft! I was surprised because I was expecting it to cling onto my dry lip patches and looking super disgusting but it didn't~! It might dry out your lips after a while even more :s

The scent is really sweet but artificial, it reminds me of the Flic & Lick lollies from my childhood haha so it was a very pleasant smell and nothing too strong. The taste of it is horrible though. After applying it onto my lips I could immediately taste a waxy, chemical and plastic-like taste? After a while I got used to it and couldn't really taste it anymore but it was seriously disgusting

Here's a swatch of the lipstick on my lips. I'm usually not a big fan of fuchisa/pink lipsticks but this color is so pretty and not too much, I really like it and can see myself wearing this lipstick more often from now on! I think it would be great for daily wear too because it looks pretty natural and the color is a little sheer.. I don't know if I want to use up this lipstick though..it's too pretty!

What I like about it
 ♥ packaging & lipstick design
♥ glides on smoothly
♥ color
♥ doesn't accentuate dry lips
♥ scent

What I don't like about it
♥ waxy, plastic-like taste
♥ a little drying
♥ too pretty to use xD

And here's a selfie with me wearing the lipstick XD
it's really bad quality because I took it with the front camera of my phone lol .....but I'm just gonna post my selfies and leave lmao

Thanks for reading my review! ♥
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& Have a great day !

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  My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Sheet Mask ♥
Hello everyone!
These days I have been working on my Instagram account a lot and I'm planning to get more active  there until university starts for me! So please follow me on Instagram @mymychenn  I will be more than happy to follow other beauty bloggers as well~

Anyway, todays review will be about the black pearl sheet mask from My Beauty Diary! I heard so many good things about it and wanted to see what all the fuss is about. I got a set of 10 sheet masks in Hong Kong for 49HKD which is such a steal in my opinion! (4.9HKD per sheetmasks~~ 0.63$/sheet mask)

The black pearl mask is suppose to brighten and nourish your skin but it's more well known for its brightening effect on the internet. I think the packaging is really cute too~ This set contains 10 sheet masks. I honestly like that it comes in a box so you store them easier and your cosmetic place will look more organized!

I think this seal is suppose to show that this product is real and not fake?

All 10 sheet masks are packaged seperately in this small plastic bag you have to tear open at the bottom (like with any other sheetmask too >.<)

I didnt take a photo of the sheet mask alone because it was hard to capture a good pic of it but it was on this plastic thing which has the exact same shape as the sheet mask you put on your face! So this is basically the shape of the sheet mask.

I think they changed the shape of the sheet mask in the newer 2015 version because I remember it looking a little different. The newer version fits me perfectly though and it even fits me much better than most korean sheet masks >.<

The scent reminds me of roses? or at least something flowery/perfumey? I'm not sure with this one but the scent is quite strong and one of these scents that are for older women and not for teens? (if that even makes sense? what am I saying haha) However, it's not a bad scent in my opinion.

This is the real sheet mask on my hand and as you can see it's not a hydrogel sheet mask but more like a cotton sheet mask soaked in a lot of essence. There was so much essence omg I spend the first 5 minutes massaging it into my neck and legs because it was dripping down!! I could wear it for 1.5 hours without it drying out or falling off my face~~

There were no dramatic brightening effect but my face felt super soft and nourished after massaging the essence into my skin. I love how this sheet mask fits me perfectly and how hydrated my skin is afterwards! I didn't break out from it too nor did it irritate my skin in any way. Overall, I'm quite happy with this mask and would recommend it for its slight brightening effect and also the nice hydration~!

Thank you for reading my review ♥
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  NEO Cosmo 3 Tone Brown Review ♥
Hello everyone!!
Todays going to be the last circle lens review for a while. I'm not planning to accept any circle lens sponsorships for now. So this review and the one for the Lenspop Ellen 3 Color Gray lenses are going to be the last ones for now >.<! ♥

Klenspop.com sent me the NEO Cosmo 3 Tone Brown lenses for review purpose. Nevertheless, everything stated in this review is 100% my own honest opinion!
Klenspop asked me to review these lenses a couple of months ago too and I'm so sorry for not posting this review earlier but everything was so hectic and I eventually forgot about this review in my drafts but here it is! so sorry!!

Read on if you're interested~!

Everything arrived safely and in perfect condition after 12 days! They wrapped everything in a thick layer of bubble wrap. Their customer service is really good and they will usually reply within 24 hours or even less

They even put the circle lens vials in these small cute boxes >.< ♥

 NEO Cosmo 3 Tone Brown close-up

NEO Cosmo 3 Tone Brown
Price: $18.00
Graphic Diameter: 13.4mm
Diameter: 14mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 45%
Lifespan: 6 months
Origin: Korea

direct link: http://klenspop.com/en/home/1206-neo-cosmo-3tone-brown.html

I'm not sure why but these lenses remind me of sunflowers haha~ I like the way they look on my dark brown eyes because they make them look a little lighter. What I don't really like about them is that the edges look a little too black which can make them look a little unnatural close-up + they have a slight hoola effect. They look pretty natural from afar though!

The enlargement is really small. I like it because it looks really natural and is perfect for everyday wear.

Just like any other circle lenses. You will feel them at first but you'll get used to them after a while.


Recommended?: Yes, they look very natural and will make dark brown eyes look a little warmer and also more honey-like? The enlargement is quite small and perfect for everyday wear! $18 might be more expensive than other lenses on klenspop.com and I honestly think that there are better brown lenses on their website than these, so if you're not totally in love with these lenses I would pick other lenses but I honestly still do recommend these lenses if you're thinking about getting them and don't want any other lenses. (confusing haha)

You can use my coupon TYV1JW4G to get 10% off your whole order (except for pack lenses). **I don't get anything from klenspop.com if you use this coupon code**

**For readers who didn't read my other review**
Since this is probably going to be the last review for Klenspop for a while I would like to say that I can recommend you guys klenspop.com to 100%  and I'm not just saying it because I get sponsored by them. It is my favourite circle lens store because their customer service is really good and they're super kind and also honest (it's crazy how honest they are, even if it would damage their brands' image!)! I also had other experiences with other circle lens stores where they would just ignore me when problems occured or when something went wrong they came up with some excuses or lies (even big companies where you think they wouldnt do that o.o). They also have a huge range of wearable circle lenses that look like those lenses that korean idols would wear + their prices are super affordable and closer to real prices in Korea~! I really enjoyed working with klenspop.com ♥♥♥

Thanks for reading my review ♥
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